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15 February 2021

Welcome to AFI’s new website!

AFI has a new-look digital home! We have upgraded and streamlined our website to give a more user-friendly experience that offers the best possible service to our online audience – you!

You can still access all your favorite content via the usual link ( – including our latest publications, events calendar, speeches, blogs and news –, as well as fresh features and added information on how the network is working hard to ensure that financial inclusion leaves no one behind.

Before you dive in, here are five new features that we know you will love …

  1. Enhanced structure

AFI’s new website structure and menu are now organized to better reflect its work by being split into three main pillars: guidance, implementation and agenda setting.

From publications and blogs, to videos and photos, new content will be automatically updated and linked under the relevant pillar without the need to conduct additional searches.

Explore our new website by clicking here.

  1. User-friendly filters

Searching for publications and other knowledge products is now more focused and user-friendly. By including options to filter by thematic area, product type, working group, regional initiatives and language, your desired knowledge product is just a few clicks away.

Browse our library of knowledge products by clicking here.

  1. Refreshed COVID-19 pages

Our popular COVID-19 Policy Response & Dashboard page now includes links to webinars and related knowledge products, so that everything you need can be found in one place.

Check out the new look page here.

  1. Greater procurement transparency

We are introducing a new procurement page, providing a central point to learn about and apply for open tenders. Not only will this make AFI processes more transparent, but it will also ensure a wider range and improved pool of potential applicants to enhance our high-quality services for members, donors, partners and other stakeholders.

Discover our exciting procurement opportunities here.

  1. Revamped thematic areas and working group pages

AFI’s thematic areas and working group pages have been enriched with new visuals and extra content to make them more informative than ever! Now you can keep up with the latest in policy changes, working group meetings, member institutions and so much more as these pages become crucial depositories and reference points for AFI members and staff.

Discover how we are pushing the financial inclusion agenda further than ever before with our working groups and thematic areas.

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