Kigali Statement

Launched during the 2019 GPF in Kigali, Rwanda, the Kigali statement aims to accelerate financial inclusion for disadvantaged groups. AFI member institutions targets to leave no one behind, by:

REINFORCING AND CONSOLIDATING actions targeting those who are disadvantaged from formal financial systems.
PROMOTING and implementing financial education and consumer protection policies, regulations and programs through cross-agency collaboration for effective financial capability and redress mechanisms suitable for disadvantaged groups;
DESIGNING financial inclusion policy interventions which promote access to finance for entrepreneurs from disadvantaged groups;
STRENGTHENING partnerships with key stakeholders to promote and facilitate the design of appropriate products and services that ensure no one is left behind;
ENHANCING the benefits of evidence-based practical peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges to reinforce in-country implementation of financial inclusion policies;
SHARING practical policy implementation experiences and knowledge through AFI’s working groups, capacity building programs and regional initiatives, and contributing to knowledge products to accelerate implementation across the network;
REAFFIRMING commitments to accelerate the achievement of targets made under the overarching Maya Declaration and the five Financial Inclusion Accords (Sasana Accord, Maputo Accord, Denarau Action Plan, Sharm El Sheikh Accord and Sochi Accord);
ENSURING that the AFI Data Portal is regularly updated to track implementation and share progress for the benefit of the wider network.
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Latin American and Caribbean policymakers work together to advance financial inclusion


Latin American and Caribbean policymakers work together to advance financial inclusion

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