Leaders’ perspectives

Leaders’ Perspectives is a series of articles written by the heads of central banks within the AFI network that feature insight on effective solutions that address national and regional financial inclusion implementation challenges.

We invite our heads of institutions to share opinions, ideas and thoughts to help shape the global discourse on how to reach the remaining 1.7 billion unbanked.

The Bahamas

John Rolle

Governer, Central Bank of The Bahamas

“We would like to see people form relationships with banks digitally, enabling persons in remote communities to open bank accounts and to maintain them remotely.”-Read More


Caroline Abel

Governer, Central Bank of Seychelles

“There is a need to further explore, how technologies can be used to advance financial inclusion and make it more convenient, affordable and fast for consumers to access financial services.”-Read More


Prof. Florence D.A.M Luoga

Governer, Bank of Tanzania

“Making access to basic accounts a right for citizens would accelerate financial inclusion efforts, and enhance the fundamental foundation for expanding financial services to the unbanked population.”-Read More


Mamarizo Nurmuratov

Governor, Central Bank of Uzbekistan

“Similarly to many countries, we consider digital channels as an effective method of increasing the accessibility of banking services.“-Read More


Dasho Penjore

Governor, Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

“Financial inclusion is a key pillar in achieving Bhutan's national goal of sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth.“-Read More

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